Lyons Hardware Tree

Antique Hardware Collection

Lyons Hardware Tree is a reliable source of both unique modern and antique hardware, ideal for those dedicated to infusing their projects with a touch of timeless elegance. Our large selection caters to a broad spectrum of needs, featuring everything from door hardware to drawer pulls, hinges, locks, and even home decor, all meticulously selected to enhance your restoration projects or interior design endeavors.

Our antique hardware collections are specifically chosen to boost the aesthetic appeal of any furniture or antique, offering a genuine vintage charm that can significantly enhance the value and appearance of your items.

With options ranging from classic bronze and modern steel to sturdy iron, our diverse range of hardware ensures the perfect complement to your décor, effortlessly blending historical beauty with your current style.

Established in 1987, Lyons Hardware Tree has become a trusted name in the antique and vintage hardware market, celebrated for our commitment to authenticity and quality. Our expertise in vintage and antique reproduction hardware ensures your hardware not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Dedicated to excellence, our selection of antique hardware, iron pieces, and vintage accessories reflects our commitment to supporting your restoration projects with only the highest quality items.

Whether you are refurbishing a cherished heirloom, incorporating vintage charm into new constructions, or seeking unique hardware, Lyons Hardware Tree provides the support, selection, and service needed to bring your vision to life with authenticity and style. Contact us today at or call 615-210-7053 so we can assist you.