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Antique Mirror Hardware

Mirror Mount Bolts and Fasteners are crucial hardware pieces used for secure mirror mounting. Lyons Hardware Tree offers a unique variety of these hardware pieces, including antique mirror hardware, catering to both modern and antique reproduction furniture styles.

Understanding the essentials of antique hardware is crucial to achieving an authentic antique look for your mirror.

From pivot hinges or friction hinges for a swivel dressing table mirror, to keyhole hangers for precise mounting, our mirror hardware is diverse.

Bolts like our Cheval swivel mirror bolt fastener are ideal if you are restoring or making a repair to an antique heirloom mirror.

You can be ensured of durable stability, whilst enhancing aesthetic appeal when you shop our mirror hardware.

Unique pieces like the Cheval swivel mirror side support, available in brass and other finishes, enable mirrors to pivot, offering adjustable angles. Surface mount retainer clips and through-the-hole screw sets offer secure mirror mounting while maintaining the mirror’s clean frame line.

These unique pieces of mirror hardware provide both stability and a vintage style, allowing your mirrors to function well and remain historically accurate for generations to come.

Pair your mirror with compatible hardware for functional style. By carefully choosing materials that enhance the frame and glass, you can create an easily affordable vintage aesthetic.

Contact us to find out more about authentic hardware for your vintage mirror.

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