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Cabinet Pivot Hinge Collection

Cabinet pivot hinges are a specific type of hardware primarily used for cabinet doors. They offer numerous benefits, including a sleek, modern look and the ability to support heavier doors. Lyons Hardware has been a reliable source of a unique variety of modern and antique reproduction furniture hardware pieces since 1987, including a wide variety of cabinet pivot hinges.

Our pivot hinges are ingeniously designed to support a wide range of cabinet doors, from lightweight to heavier ones. The pivot point of these hinges ensures smooth operation and stability, minimizing stress on the cabinet frame. This design extends the life of the cabinet door and provides a sleek appearance, as the hinge mechanisms are often concealed within the cabinet frame or door itself.

Our inventory includes a variety of pivot hinge types, such as center pivot hinges, which are perfect for achieving precise alignment and balance in cabinet doors. The versatility of our hinges makes them suitable for numerous applications, ensuring that regardless of the cabinet door size or style, there’s a hinge that fits perfectly.

Our selection ranges from basic models to premium pivot hinges, each designed to meet different functional requirements and budget constraints.

The reliability of our hinges, combined with their elegant design, makes them an ideal choice for both modern and traditional cabinetry. Whether you’re updating existing cabinet doors or embarking on a new project, the right hinge can significantly impact the functionality and look of your cabinets.

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