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Flip Top & Sewing Table Hinges

At Lyons Hardware Tree we are renowned for offering high-quality, durable hinges, since 1987.
Our flip top table hinges and sewing machine hinges are designed to enable seamless movement in table designs.

Made of steel, our hinges are long lasting and built for superior durability making them suitable for all tables. Our hinges are strong enough to join two wide or long tables together while providing adequate support.

Flip top table hinges allow efficient use of space and aesthetic appeal, while sewing machine hinges will make your sewing machine table top more functional.

With our wide range of hinges you can be sure to find the perfect size hinge for your sewing machine table top. Installation is easy – simply pair the correct size screws to your selected hinge.

We hold a large quantity of hinges in stock so we are sure to have just the right sewing machine hinge for your needs. Our hinges can be bought individually or as a pair, ensuring compatibility with diverse table designs.

Enhance your table by purchasing a flip top table hinge or sewing machine hinge from us. Our user-friendly website features a high quality image of each hinge making it easy to choose the perfect fit.

Check out our customer reviews and share your own reviews after your purchase. In case of any queries, email our responsive customer support team – they’re ready to assist you!