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Butler Tray Hinge Collection

Since 1987, Lyons Hardware Tree has provided unique reproduction furniture hardware pieces. This includes hardware like our butler tray hinges, an essential component for crafting and restoring butler trays.

Our butler tray hinges are designed to blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, making them perfect for a wide range of butler tray projects. Our butler tray hinge collection is built with solid brass and sturdy metal with a brushed antique brass finish.

Each hinge adds a touch of elegance to any butler tray. The durability and design of each brushed antique brass hinge, complemented by the right screws, ensure a seamless and secure fit for your butler tray.

Understanding the unique needs of our clients, we offer a variety of butler tray hinges to suit any project. Whether you’re working on a vintage butler tray restoration or crafting a new piece with brushed antique brass touches, our butler tray hinge selection provides the perfect finishing touch.

Our commitment to quality means each butler tray hinge is crafted to offer both durability and style.

Lyons Hardware Tree brings decades of expertise to the table, with a wide range of butler tray hinges catering to vintage furniture lovers seeking that authentic brushed antique brass appearance and modern enthusiasts desiring subtle, antique brass accents.

Trust our expertise in butler tray hinges that enhance the functionality and appearance of your butler trays, supported by our legacy of quality and service.