At Lyons Hardware Tree, we offer a variety of Hinges to support enthusiasts and professionals in their build or restoration project. Offering a wide array of Hinges and accessories, our collection is designed to meet the specific needs of restoring anything that has a hinge or building anything that needs a hinge. Our large selection and variety is sure to have what you need!

Dive into our extensive range of Hinges we carry in stock, featuring everything necessary for a comprehensive restoration—from Art Deco Hinges, Butterfly Hinges, and Pivot Hinges, Sliding Door Hinges, and Drop Leaf Hinges. Unique finds such as Five Knuckle Wrap Around Hinges, Butterfly Hinges, Sewing Table Hinges, and Parliament Hinges that are also part of our selection, ensuring your restoration or build is a step above the rest.

Each Hinge is selected for its authenticity, allowing you to maintain the historical integrity, but we also carry numerous other hinges that will help you build numerous different furniture pieces. Our commitment to quality ensures that every hardware piece not only matches the period’s style but also meets today’s standards for durability and performance.

Acknowledging the complexities of restoration and building, Lyons Hardware Tree delivers expert advice and a comprehensive range of Hinges and accessories. We aim to support you in selecting the exact pieces needed for a successful Hinge replacement. For personalized assistance, reach out to us at [email protected] or call 615-210-7053. With Lyons Hardware Tree, you have a partner committed to the excellence and authenticity of your furniture hardware and accessories.