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File Cabinet Drawer Label Holders

Organize your file cabinets efficiently, by adding a touch of refinement with our durable cabinet and drawer label holders. Our large selection of traditional finishes offers timeless style and functionality for drawers and cabinets both in the home and office. Our cabinet label holders are perfect for a professional look and easy sorting.

Increase productivity and get organized with our stylish label holder hardware. The sturdy design of each drawer label holder allows easy location of documents, making retrieval faster.

Our high-quality cabinet label holders are not only functional; their timeless appeal also enhances the aesthetic of your file cabinets. Crafted from bronze, brass and nickel, each label holder has a timeless, polished and durable look to complement any cabinet or drawer.

Our hardware collection features a wide variety of label holders in oil rubbed bronze, burnished brass and nickel finishes to ensure your itemized labels stay securely in place. Our elegant brass drawer label holders add a touch of traditional elegance, while our sleek nickel finish offers a modern look.

To improve drawer and cabinet accessibility, choose a label holder designed with a finger pull for easy access to drawer contents.

Polished nickel over cast brass creates a robust finish, ensuring that each brass label holder with a pull can withstand the demands of a busy workspace.

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File Cabinet Label Holder

Brass Label Holder BM-1400PB