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Pneumatic Gas Spring Lid Stay SGS-800-8

SGS-800-8..Gas Spring Pneumatic Lid Stay. 17 lbs closing Strength. For lift up lids and for drop down lids. Assist some in opening of lid but needs pressure applied to close. Use two and double the closing strength. Similar in operation to those used on hatchback cars. When installed you must push/pull down the lid to close. Resistance of stay lessens as it gets closer to closing. Lid stay in photo is in the open position and is almost impossible to close until installed and all SGS800 lid stays are the same size, just the strengths are different. Length of the stay shown in this photo is 11-3/4" long in the open positions without the footed attachment. It approximately 7-1/2 inches long in the closed position. We recommend using two stays on lids longer than 36 inches. As a general rule when using two stays then you would cut the weight factor in half, for instance a 44b lid could be supported by two 22 pound rated stays. Length and width is a variable which may affect choosing a stronger or weaker stay. Good quality stay. Buy 10, 20, 60 or more and save! See enlarge for illustration of different installations.
Price: $12.95
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