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"C" Nickel Plated Steel Trunk Handle Loop OBG-18NP

OBG-18NP... Nickel Plated Steel Trunk Handle Loop for leather trunk handles. Be sure to order 2 for each handle. Best suited handle for this loop will be L-4242, L-4243, L-4244, L-4542N, L-4252, L-4253, L-4262, L-4263 L-4282, L-4283 L-4292, L-4293 and most of the slotted handles. Check details for measurements and larger Images!! A=1-1/8" B=3-3/8" C= 3/8" D=1-1/4" Original trunk hardware was attached with trunk nails which were about 1/4 inch longer than the trunk walls thickness. Nails were bent over inside and covered with wall paper. This method was used to prevent hardware from being pulled loose during transport. Of course screws, rivets and screw post were also used
Price: $1.25
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