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Cabinet Tall Door Lock Latch L3ESPR2+X3015PIN 80 Inch

L3ESPR2+X3015PIN ... Wardrobe Door Latch Tall Cabinet Door Three Point Lock System 80 Inch Locking System. Two rods are used placed in the top and bottom of the lock to create the 80 inch length. Three Point Tall Door Lock prevents warping, adds security, adjustable and easy to install. Turning the key rotates the bars which engage top and bottom hooks. Screw-on mounting or drive-in mounting. Supplied for 80 inch height, cuttable to shorter sizes. Maxinmum length of the locking system itself is 80 inches but will work on a door which is a bit taller, extending the door beyond the length of th lock system. Helps with warp problem present on many tall doors. Sold by each
Price: $192.95
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