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INDAUX Brand Flap Hinge for Drop Front Desk and Keyboard Trays

H313012N ... Drop Front Desk Flap Hinge in Nickel Finished Metal. All Metal Adjustable Drop Flap Desk Hinge. INDAUX Brand. Overall hinge measure 1-5/8 inches wide and approximately 2-5/8 inches long. Click "enlarge" to see details on an install. 90 Degree Opening. Also often used keyboard tray and for heavier flaps. 6-way adjustable. Detachable for separate mounting on flap and shelf. Flap opens flush with shelf. Lipped edging conceals roughness of bore. No routing or mortising. Drill 35mm (1-3/8 inch diameter) hole, by 11mm (7/16" Deep) and 11/32" from edge. Boring setup is identical on both parts. All metal, Nickel Plated. Sold Each Not Pairs.
Price: $8.65
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