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Bronze Parliament Hinge 5-3/4 Inch H-290ALH6D Left Hand

H-290ALH6D...Bronze Traditional Left Hand Parliament Hinge. Also known as a barrel hinge. This is not a lift off hinge but it can be removed. Centered in-line wings. Unique centerer slots provide adjustability. Strong Steel, not porous casting. Made to be installed between the edges of an inset door. Good for wardrobes with inset doors but not a lift off hinge. Antique plating in a bronze color. Finial to finial 5-3/4" long. 2 Flaps, each flap 1-1/2" x 7/8". Sold by each, not in pairs! Two lefts are needed to do one left hand door. Right hand version H-290ARH6D may be purchased separately
Price: $9.95
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