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Super Leveler Bolt 3-1/2 Inch with Polyethylene Foot Cover GBOLTM8X90U

GBOLTM8X90U... The Original MS Super Leveler Bolt and Polyethylene Foot Cover (3-1/2" Length). Slotted Top Swivel Base Adjusts height with a screw driver from inside the case after install. Base swivels & pivots to conform to floor. All steel includes Polyethylene Foot Cover to protect carpeting. 3/8" hole M8 thread (5/16" diameter) 3-1/2" length. Must be ordered with GDBLANGMBU which is sold separate. Can Also be use with FM8TNUTU 4 prong T Nut orF-14SKI-U.. Threaded Steel Insert Nut sold seperately. GDBLANGM8U is the actual U bracket that the leg screws into shown on the install image. Bracket not included. Buy 20 or more and save!!!
Price: $1.50
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