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Ikea 17mm Drawer Slide Replacement 11/16 Inch High DSP-8817/347 Pair 13-1/2 Inch Long

DSP-8817/347..Ikea 17mm Drawer Slide Replacement. Pair of Double Acting Mini Slides Fits most Ikea furniture. Price reduces when you buy 4 or 6 pairs or more. 13-1/2 Inch Long x 11/16" high x 3/8" thick. See "Enlarge" for more detail and measurement information on size. Pair does one drawer. Double-Acting Mini Slides 22lbs ratingOnly 17mm high x 10mm thick (11/16" high x 3/8" thick) and 13-1/2" long when slide is closed. Most IKEA slides slide out in one direction but ours slides in two directions which creates more length of travel. Precision-rolled steel channels fitted to steel ball-bearings in a nylon carrier insure a vibration free, smooth-as-silk, rolling action for lighter drawer loads, desk trays, shelves, computer pullouts. Especially preferred for drawers with 17mm side grooves. All holes on 32mm centers. May be attached with wood screws from the outside or with M4 machine screws from the inside into pre-tapped holes. No Lefts or rights, reversible. Travel exceeds length of slide. See details for more information on size. Most often the DSP-8817 series drawer slide will fit most Ikea products! Note: When all else fails, it is best to choose the closed size which matches what you have. . M4 x 7,8,10
Price: $15.00
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