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Metal Reciprocating Table Slides Aluminum DC-6011200U

DC-6011200U 4 Pairs of Aluminum Reciprocating Metal Table Slides. Long part of slide is attached to a one piece table apron and the sliding part of the slide only allows the table top to slide and not the apron. On a 4 legged table, the apron and and 4 legs remain stationary, with only the top moving. In essence the strength of the table is mostly in it's construction. Measures: 48" inches in length and opens to 83-1/2". Smooth, quiet easy motion cable controlled reciprocal action: as one side opens the other side opens automatically. Extra thick profile prevents sagging. 1-1/2" high x1-1/2" wide. Opens 38" for leaves. Made of 2mm Aluminum. Mounts to apron and table top. Of all our table slides this one does the best preventing of sag. Be sure to click the "enlarge" view, it shows a cut away which makes it's operation undersatndable. Four pairs of slides. Buy 2 or more cases and get a great discount!
Price: $349.95
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