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Pocket Door Track Hinge D-1544/14N

D-1544/14N... Sold by the Pair. Pocket Door Track, Smooth sliding with steel rigidizing stabilizer bar, adjustable 2" height . 4-position bracket for mounting hinge plate gives 3/4" front-to-back versatility. Front roller acts as a bumper and protects door from scratches during rotation. No wood machining except drilling two 35mm. holes in door to receive hinges. Clearance of 1-5/8" required for door in pocket. All steel, ball-bearing construction. Size 14" with 2-5/8" lost in extraction. For side or overhead doors 3/4"-1" thick. Shipped with Full Inset hinges, hinge mounting plates, stabilizer bar and roller protectors. Check Details for Sample of installed hinge! Pocket door hinge.
Price: $32.95
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