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Antique Pepsi Bakelite Cup Holder


Antique Pepsi Bakelite Cup Holder for paper cone cups. This holder is the only type made for Pepsi Cola. Any other versions in chrome or other materials is likely fake. These holders are somewhat hard to find in really great shape as the labels are vulnerable to be scratches and damage. This one is is very good shape and comes with the generic paper cups. Pepsi did make their own paper cone cups in a few varied designs, but all we have is the generic paper cup. Price is not negotiable and will be very well packed and insured. View the enlarge version of photos for close ups. It shows close-up of the 2 labels on the side of the cup. Price is for one cup holder not two.
Price: $225.00

Antique Pepsi Bottle Nashville TN


Antique Pepsi Bottle Nashville TN circa 1909. Nice bottle with some clouding and minor case wear. A great bottle all around. Bottle is 7-3/8 inches tall, likely a 6oz bottle. Pepsi Script is large and prominent across the mid section of the bottle with the "NASHVILLE TENN" around base below script. Back of bottle has words Property of Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. Aqua green glass. Price is not negotiable. Bottle will be well packed and insured.
Price: $395.00

Antique Pepsi Bottle North Wilkesboro NC


N_WILKESBORO_PEPSI_BOTTLE North Wilkesboro NC Double Dot Pepsi bottle. Super condition for this extremely rare Pepsi bottle. Two other Wilkesboro Pepsi, bottles not as good as this one were sold on ebay for over $3900.00 each in 2012-13. This bottle has been in my collection since 2006. Two other rare bottles in my collection sold for $5000.00 each so I know my pricing. Many of the items in my collection appeared in Stoddard's Pepsi Price Guide. My name is listed in the forward. Don't miss this bottle.
Price: $5,000.00

Antique Pepsi Change Receiver by Brunhoff Mfg Co


Early Pepsi Change Receiver, made of glass and reverse painted. Logo repeated Five times around the sides. Made by the Brunhoff Mfg Co. Patent dates back to 1905 but this piece is circa 1930s. Brunhoff made these for other companies but this is the only Pepsi branded one I have ever seen. Brunhoff likely made this sample to show to a Pepsi bottler, hoping to get their business, so it may be the only one to exist. Brunhoff was the same company who produced the 1930s aluminum Coke bottle pretzel bowls. Pepsi Change Receiver is not listed in any books. Glass receiver is 6-3/4 inches in diameter and approximately 1-3/4 inches high. It is embossed around the bottom edge "Brunhoff Mfg Co Cincinnati O Pat. 789628". Many collectors don't realize that early Pepsi bottlers operated separate from the parent company. Bottlers bought most of their own glass bottles, cases and advertising items. In fact many were bottlers of flavored sodas and added Pepsi to their product line. ie. Pepsi Cola Bottling in St Louis Mo was originally known as the "Hygrade Soda Company" owned by the Whitcraft Family which sold orange, grape, creme sodas and other brands.
Price: $2,600.00

Antique Pepsi Drape Bottle Circa 1925


Antique Pepsi Drape Bottle 11 ounce size. This is from New Bern North Carolina, home of Caleb Bradham the pharmacist who developed Pepsi Cola . It has a patent date on the bottle of "PATENTED Feb. 10, 1925". Bottle is approximately 9-1/4" tall. Front of the bottle has the double dot "Pepsi:Cola" logo with "Bottling Co" below and on the back at the bottom of the bottle reads, "MIN CONT. 11FLD. OZ.". There is a smaller 6oz version of this bottle, both are rare but the 11 oz size is Very Rare. It has a few minor scratches and small chips but nothing to affect the value. It has been lightly tumbled and the lettering painted white, a common practice done by bottle collectors which has been removed but I left it in the photo to show lettering. Only one bottle is available. Bottle will be very well packed and insured. Be careful during unpacking taking care not to drop or break bottle. Any damage must be reported immediately upon arrival.
Price: $1,000.00

Antique Pepsi Syrup Bottle Display 4 Feet Tall


This is an Antique Fiberglass Pepsi Syrup Bottle Display, an ultra rare item which would have been used at a trade show or Pepsi convention. Display would have never been used in a grocery store or other retail locations as Pepsi syrup was not sold as a consumer product. Age is circa 1945. Some of the outside was hand finished like the bubbles around the neck. These were probably produced in a very low quantiy, not many would have survived. Photo shows side, front and top view of the fiberglass Pepsi syrup bottle. It is approximately 48 inches high and 14 inches in diameter. This is not a reproduction and shouldn't be confused with the Pepsi bottle cabinets and other items which were produced in the 1980s by Upper Deck Ltd outside of Boston. Part of the photo shows the original yellow and red bottle cap. Bottle has lots of stress cracks all ove, too many to descibe but typical for it's age. Seams on both sides have separation and some restoration was needed. The letters "Pepsi Cola" on the labels had to be restored in keeping with the displays age. This is an excellent advertising piece and is not listed in any books. I have collected Pepsi antiques for 35 years and never seen one like it. Item may be returned within 30 days of purchase but approximately $150.00 give or take will be deducted to cover our shipping to you. Customer will bear the return cost of shipping back to us. Item must be returned to us in undamaged condition. We can provide more pictures via text if needed for more detail.
Price: $4,800.00

Art Deco Mouse in Cast Iron


Cast Iron Art Deco Mouse, not sure of it's age but not a new item. None the less, a very stylish Deco Mouse. Weighs 1 lbs 11oz. Mouse is 4-3/4 inches long x 2-7/8 inches tall. Thickness of the mouse starts at about 1/4 inch and tapers out to around 1-1/8 inches. Has an asian marking on the back. Painted with a mixture of gold, rust and yellow to a light yellow. These are hard to find as I search for them before and only found only one other but I have seen a bull in the same design and another of a wild boar like animal. Last mouse like this was sold on ebay for $175.00. Click enlarge on the next page to see a view of the back of the mouse
Price: $155.00

Cast Iron Log Ash Tray


Cast Iron Log Ash Tray. Excellent old cast iron log ash tray with handmade bark on the outside and grain patterns even on the ends of the log. Log is 2-1/4 inches in diameter and 5 inches long. Nearly 4 inches tall and legs are 4 inches wide. Has places for 2 cigarettes. Circa 1920-30s. Ash trays have all but disappeared due to smoking being a social no no. It is in very good shape, look at the pictures and judge for yourself. Click enlarge to see larger photos. Only one is available on this site. Will be very well packed and insured.
Price: $185.00

Lux Rotary Tape Measure Clock


Lux Rotary Tape Measure Clock. Patented April 16, 1935. Clock doesn't have that date on it but we know the date from the patent number. Clock is circa late 1930s. It is a wind up non-alarm clock. Ticking from the clock is very loud link an old alarm clock. Clock works but I haven't check to see if it is slow or fast. Fast/slow adjustment is under the clock along with the attached key wind. Main spring either slips or is damaged but it doesn't seem to affect its working. It is a curiosity and we don't actually use the clock. As the top turns the time is marked by an metal arrow marker seen in the pictures. Numbers are marked on the side which resembles a tape measure. It has a light greenish cast and finish shows it's age and wear. Nut on top can be tightened but it is left slightly loose as tightening cause the clock to stop. It has sat in our collection for a few years and we have enjoyed have it. Clock will be well packed and insured.
Price: $165.00

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